Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lagi cerita kawan2 DSS by Kudeng

Kudeng ada cerita pasal member2 DSS dan gathering yang dia orang buat masa kat Janda Baik, Bentong baru2 ni. Gambar ni saiz besar lebih kurang 1mb, jadi aku kena kecik sampai kat ni je..nanti masuk photobucket korang boleh view puas2 ye :

Assalamualaikum guys…

These are some updates that most probably be informative. Look at the attached photo. Taken during our last DSS family gathering at Janda Baik a few months back.

Back Row (Left to Right) – My wife (Hanisah), Muzlina Manaf, Siti Anis Azura, Rashidah
Front Row (Left to Right) – Aminuddin Sirajuddin, Ummi Kalthum Zaihadi, Yours Truly, Mas (our junior), Shamsiah Saim

Brief Stories…

Muzlina got married to our classmate, Syed Mahadi (not in picture coz he’s the one snapping it) who also happened to be my dorm-mate while in Dato Bahaman. Muzlina now works in KL.

Siti Anis Azura is a mom of one pretty baby girl now, working with a financial institution (I think…) here in KL.

Rashidah joined ITM Jengka administrative staff for quite a while (not just a while, since graduation until a few months back only), and now a full-time businesswomen. She’s helping out her husband, a full-time businessman, running a big hardware shop in Jengka. She’s a mom of four…I think…

Aminuddin or Amin, my best buddy in ITM, is in Alor Setar. He’s a bank officer now with EON Bank. I never lost touch with him until today. Married, with a pair of kids.
Ummi Kalthum, is now a mom of four also, and now in Kuantan attached to the Tioman Development Authority. Her husband, wow…!!! The coolest of dude you can ever find…

Me, you guys already know right?

Mas, now a mom of 5, is in KL, attached to the Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita ( I think….Shahrizat Jalil’s office…)

Shamsiah, from Johor, but now even more Kelantanese than Wan Ismail Golok. Married to a Kelantan guy, work and stay in Kota Bharu now. Got 3 kids I think…

Syed Mahadi (photographer), well, as I’ve said earlier, got married to Muzlina Manaf (Kida, another one good example of your “Kisah Cinta” blog). They have a pair of kids also. Syed is now with a big-time property developer.

There are plenty other whose not in the picture, as they either can’t be contacted or can’t make it to the gathering.

I think, I have the biggest family now….what an achievement…hahahahaa

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